Expert organization opens its largest vehicle inspection station worldwide

DEKRA prepares to inspect about 100,000 vehicles annually in Beijing

Leading international expert organization DEKRA has opened its largest Periodical Vehicle Inspection (PVI) station worldwide in the Chinese capital Beijing. Experts are set to inspect about 100,000 vehicles per year there. Following the launch in the Southern city of Shenzhen in March of this year, it is the company’s second PVI station in China.

Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board DEKRA SE, speaking at the opening ceremony in Beijing.
  • Klinke: “Important step for development of DEKRA’s strategy in China”
  • Second Chinese station of the company after Shenzhen
  • China’s capital has more than 6.2 million motor vehicles

“With 26 million vehicle inspections in almost 20 countries, DEKRA is the global number one in the field. China as the world’s largest automotive market is of high significance for us”, said Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board, DEKRA SE, at the official opening. “The launch here in Beijing is another important step. Here, as well as in Shenzhen, we want to gather additional experience to further develop and refine our strategy for DEKRA’s future vehicle inspection business in China.”

The new station in southeast Beijing has six lines for emission checks and four lines for technical safety inspections. One line is specially designed for the inspection of trucks and buses. In total, the site covers 20,000 square meters.

The Chinese PVI system calls for sequential and partly automated inspections. This leads to considerably higher numbers of vehicles being checked in each inspection line than in many European systems, for instance. In theory, the new DEKRA station in Beijing has a maximum daily capacity of 400 vehicles. “We realistically expect over 100,000 vehicle inspections annually here”, said Stan Zurkiewicz, DEKRA Executive Vice President East & South Asia.

According to official figures, as of May 2019, China’s capital had more than 6.2 million motor vehicles, among them some 5.1 million passenger cars. Currently, this market is served by fewer than 40 PVI stations. “In addition to contributing our expertise, for example through our annual DEKRA Road Safety Report, our vehicle inspection services are now making a direct significant contribution to road safety in China – just like our statutory mission has been right from our beginnings, meanwhile for over 90 years”, said Klinke. “The two stations in Shenzhen and Beijing are our starting points.”