DEKRA names its top 10 showroom “secrets” to ensure sales success in 2018

With the 2018 sales market promising to be tough and competitive, all new car sales dealers will be aiming to make to make the most of every sales opportunity coming their way.

DEKRA have been working closely with many franchised dealers to optimise sales opportunities and have created its top ten sales methods that lifts the lid on how the new car buyer has changed and this “insider knowledge” can help avoid the potential pitfalls to ensure sales success in the showroom.

This “warts and all” research from car buying customers shows how much customers can dislike the sales process, in fact millennials say they would rather clean their house or have root canal treatment than visit a car showroom!

This research has been collated by DEKRA who have direct involvement with dealers and market research of new car sales customers and prospects. The statistics quoted are derived from research into missed sales opportunities as reported by new car sales prospects.

10   94 % of new car shoppers conduct on line research before buying.  Customers expect the dealer to be as well informed as they are about the product!

9   70% of millennials cite technical innovation and infotainment as “must haves” in purchasing a car.

8   Research shows that 35% to 50% of car sales go to the dealer who responds first.

7   4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

6   32% of buyers post a review now on social media. 67% look at reviews before buying.

5 75% of millennials would rather communicate with a car dealer digitally than talk to someone. (by 2020 Millennials will make up 40% of the new car market)

4   87% of customers dislike something about car shopping at dealerships.    Over 50% of new car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships.

3   Over half of consumers would pay a premium to buy from a dealer that offers their preferred experience.

2   Only a third of buyers want to talk to a salesperson about a product.

1   A dealer who responds within 1 minute of an on-line enquiry is 390% more likely to convert the lead to sale.

Commenting on these statistics,  Strategy Director Alex Underwood  at DEKRA said, “it’s clear that dealers who know their product, respond quickly, succinctly and in a straightforward manner are far more likely to sell a car to the new tech savvy group of car buyers then by keeping to the traditional sales methods. Training is key to this as 40% of employees who receive poor training will leave that company within a year

Those dealers that provide   thorough training and a fast response will guarantee sales success in the modern car showroom.