What does it mean to be a DEKRA IMPERIAL Vehicle Inspector?

A vehicle inspector has an excellent knowledge of automotive engineering and is certified as an MOT Vehicle Inspector. It is also quite useful to have knowledge of vehicle refinishing.

In our company, due to our considerable experience, a vehicle inspector is trained on the management of DEKRA car plans, with the help of which he is capable of estimating the cost of damages and other procedures.

Through daily practice and training he develops the ability to distinguish between normal damage to a car and damage that may have been caused by an accident or other cause.

As a car inspector, he develops his critical thinking by paying attention to detail on vehicles.  He can easily and very quickly spot damage that others cannot see.

He undertakes and carries out the mechanical 145-point inspection of the car.

Furthermore, an experienced vehicle inspector can successfully carry out a surprise repair shop inspection that our company provides as a service to insurance companies.

That is, during the visit and the control he carries out, he confirms whether the agreed terms are met and whether the quality of the repair carried out for each customer is satisfactory.

The annual training of our inspectors by DEKRA, combined with the inspections of more than 10,000 vehicles that our company carries out annually in Greece, makes them the most reliable, objective and experienced inspectors in Greece.