We provide objective and accurate assessments of material damages in a short period of time.

The services offered include cost estimation for vehicle repairs:

Remote estimation:

For small and simple damages, our estimators, using advanced software programs, estimate and agree with the repairers on the necessary repairs through photos and videos of the damaged vehicle according to the general and optional coverages of the insured’s policy. This method is an advanced alternative to the traditional on-site assessment where the estimator visits the repair shop to inspect the vehicle.

Advantages of remote estimation:

  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • Faster settlement of claims
  • Centralized process management

Estimation at the repair shop:

For larger damages, which require inspection of the vehicle by the estimator, an experienced and specialized mechanic visits the repair shop to accurately assess the vehicle damage. The repair cost is determined in the fairest way possible, favouring repair over replacement of damaged parts and the use of alternative spare parts when appropriate and feasible.

If the cost of repair exceeds the commercial value of the car before the damage, we calculate the amount of compensation by subtracting the salvaged value of the damaged vehicle from the commercial value of the vehicle before the damage.

Additional Services:

In addition to estimating the cost of material damage, we offer the following services to insurance companies:

  • Verification of the accident’s validity and its actual extent by examining the other vehicles involved in the damage
  • Reconstruction of the accident and its dynamics by specialized physical and mechanical scientists, using advanced simulation software.
  • Explanation and support of our findings before the judicial authorities
  • Pre-insurance inspections to ensure the insurability of vehicles and to determine their insured value fairly and safely.

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