Our company DEKRA IMPERIAL equipped with machinery from DEKRA, the largest vehicle inspection company worldwide (www.dekra.com), conducts a fast and reliable battery test for purely electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars by fully trained personnel certified for the whole process of this test. The diagnosis is so reliable and unique that it has received the status of an “international protected patent” and its algorithm has been validated by the RWTH Aachen University.

The battery check of the electric car lasts 15 minutes and reliably and accurately assesses its state of health (SoH).

Health status is defined as the remaining capacity of the used battery of the electric car, strongly affecting both the value of the vehicle and its duration of performance.

After the inspection, the owner of the car receives an objective State of Health (SoH) report from DEKRA itself, which enhances transparency and trust both in the user himself and between buyer and seller of used electric cars.

To this end, we have ensured that DEKRA’s battery status report presents key information – first and foremost the remaining battery capacity.

The validity of the report is certified by the registered patent of our algorithm, which has been independently verified by the prestigious RWTH Aachen Univercity (Technical University of Aachen in Germany).

Until now, a wide range of car models can be tested and we in turn can work on it to expand our database and be able to include even more vehicles.

Let’s see the steps that the inspection technician follows to complete the process:

Step 1: Preparation

The battery check URL is opened on the device and the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) is connected to the vehicle via the OBD cable.

Step 2: Static Test

Diagnostic data is read-out and vehicle readiness is confirmed.

Step 3: Dynamic Test

Brief acceleration of the vehicle to obtain the relevant data.

Step 4: Reference

The generated report clearly states the capacity of the battery. It can be emailed to the user.

Why does this matter?


  • It’s a fast and accurate check
  • It brings accurate results in only 15 minutes
  • It is a reliable estimate for the actual residual value
  • It is an easy and quick test process, through the online application
  • It has an optimal time/accuracy ratio and uses a registered algorithm
  • It offers results from an independent organization and not a manufacturer
  • It covers an extensive range of models
  • Its battery health report is simple to understand
  • It comes from DEKRA, the world’s largest vehicle inspection company

DEKRA has vast experience in electromobility and extensive experience in the automotive industry, which is why it is a reliable & unbiased partner, independent of car manufacturers.

In addition to the objective report, each vehicle checked by our company also carries a sign that certifies the battery check.

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