Tips for easy car leasing return

Our company is recognized for its specialized service in the on-site inspection of vehicles at the end of lease contracts for companies providing leasing services.

Achieving flawless procedures and ensuring customer satisfaction and based on our extensive experience, we offer the following tips for a smooth vehicle return process:

  1. Vehicle inspection:
    Before returning, check the vehicle for any damage or wear. If there are any, record them and inform the leasing company
  2. Compliance with the mileage restriction:
    If you have mileage restrictions, check the number of kilometres you have covered and make sure you don’t exceed the limit.
  3. Maintenance care:
    Maintain the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep documentation of the last maintenance.
  4. Contact with the leasing company:
    Inform the leasing company of your intentions and ask for instructions on the return procedure.
  5. Payment:
    Pay any outstanding fees and deliver all required documents.

    6. Return process:
    Strictly follow the leasing company’s instructions for the return process, including instructions on where and how to return the vehicle.

    7. Inspection by representative:
    If possible, ask a representative of the leasing company to inspect the vehicle with you during the return process.

The return process in a few steps:

  • Original registration certificate
  • Car number plates
  • Proof of MOT, if available
  • Original insurance label
  • Car keys
  • Maintenance book, if available
  • Car owner’s manual

💡 Tip:

Report the damage as soon as it occurs and schedule repairs immediately. It’s the best way to avoid any charges at the end of the contract.