Based on criteria of very high standards, we check, among other things, the infrastructure of the repair shop, the number and level of training of the staff employed, the operating system (software) used, the adequacy of its mechanical equipment, the services provided to its customers and the service process.

Our aim is to highlight and make known to the market the repair shops that are more up-to-date, more organized and more customer-oriented than the market average.

Some of the advantages for the repair shops that will receive the relevant certification are:

  • Confirmation from an independent entity of the size and prestige of DEKRA regarding the high quality of the repair shop’s services to its customers.
  • Provision of promotional material to the repair shop regarding the certification it has received, which is displayed prominently in the shop and can be shown to customers and partners.
  • Informing DEKRA partners and clients regarding the quality certification received by the respective repair shop and providing opportunities for additional collaborations with these shops for our other clients.
  • Collaboration with DEKRA as a Private Vehicle Inspection Center for individuals and other clients.

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