DEKRA conducts inspections on used vehicles with expertise from the world’s largest vehicle inspection company.

DEKRA inspects over 26 million cars annually in 60 countries and has the world’s largest database for potential defects exhibited by each car model based on the mileage it has covered. As an official partner, we utilize this database to offer you the best and most comprehensive vehicle inspection services.

Using DEKRA’s state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we assess the condition of over 30,000 used vehicles annually in Greece and issue the DEKRA Quality Certificate, providing a reliability indicator for the inspected vehicle. Our clients include car manufacturers, importers, and vehicle leasing companies seeking independent international inspection as a means to bring transparency and objectivity to their transactions with traders and individuals.

Our services include:

  • Condition report and detailed analysis of repair costs provided in web-link or PDF format.
  • Measurement and recording of tire tread depth and paint thickness.
  • GDPR compliance
  • Quality check of necessary repairs before sale
  • Analysis of repair costs for vehicles damaged in accidents and quality assessment of their repair works by repair shops
  • Diagnostic check of the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) using unique software developed at DEKRA’s Research Center in Germany and exclusively used by DEKRA (DEKRA ECU Diagnostics).

DEKRA ECU Diagnostic System Check

This check is performed using a diagnostic software developed by DEKRA itself and exclusively used by them. It features cutting-edge technology not available in the market. It is updated for the latest quarter’s production cars, automatically recognizes vehicles through their VIN, and is considered the most accurate worldwide for mileage tampering detection in vehicles.

Drawing on DEKRA’s experience from inspecting hundreds of millions of vehicles, this diagnostic tool delves into as many sub-systems (ECUs) and vehicle sensors as possible, comparing the usage and wear of each different component as recorded by the sensor to the expected wear based on the mileage displayed.

In addition to mileage verification, it provides a comprehensive report of all the faults a vehicle may have developed since the day it was manufactured. Its results are decrypted and unalterable, thus ensuring reliability.

Target audience:

  • Individuals or dealers of high-quality used cars who want to visibly demonstrate the vehicles’ quality to potential buyers, associating them with the prestige of a global company.
  • Potential buyers who want to inspect the vehicle’s ECU, so as to determine if there are any serious faults or signs of mileage tampering.

Full car inspection

This is the most comprehensive DEKRA inspection for the condition of a used vehicle.

The car certified with the DEKRA seal must successfully pass three different stages of inspection, in which the car is checked in a total of about 200 different points. If the vehicle does not pass any of the three stages successfully, the DEKRA used car seal is not issued for the vehicle.

  • The three stages of inspection are as follows:
  • You can choose the type of inspection that suits you. Individually, in combination, or all together. If all are successfully completed, the used car is given the full DEKRA inspection report.
A | Technical Inspection:
  • 1 | Visibility conditions
  • 2 | Lighting system
  • 3 | Parts of the electronic installation
  • 4 | Braking system
  • 5 | Steering system
  • 6 | Suspension
  • 7 | Chassis / frame and individual components
  • 8 | Additional equipment
  • 9 | Exhaust (noise, emissions, fluid leaks)
B | Body Inspection:
  • 1 | Body and attached parts
  • 2 | Traces of repair of old damages
C | Systems Inspection:
  • 1 | Fault memory (Diagnostic check)
  • 2 | System check / fluid check
  • 3 | Service history

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