Vehicle Inspection: Global Number One DEKRA enters Chinese Market

The global Number One in Periodical Vehicle Inspection has entered the Chinese Market. International expert organization DEKRA has opened its first inspection station in the Southern city of Shenzhen. A second station, which is being built in Beijing, is due to open later this year.

DEKRA’s new inspection station in Shenzhen
DEKRA Board Member Clemens Klinke (right) and Stan Zurkiewicz, Executive Vice President East & South Asia at DEKRA, during the opening ceremony
  • Klinke: „Opening the station is an important first step”
  • DEKRA experts inspect cars in terms of both emissions and safety
  • Chinese vehicle inspection market started to become liberalized in 2014

“China is the largest automotive market in the world. As the global partner for a safe world, DEKRA wants to make a further contribution to improving road safety by starting vehicle inspections here”, said Clemens Klinke, Member of the DEKRA SE Board of Management, at the official opening ceremony. “Opening this station is an important first step. Here in Shenzhen and in our second station we are currently building in Beijing, we want to gain experience in order to further develop and refine our strategy for DEKRA’s future vehicle inspection business in China.”

In the new station in Shenzhen, DEKRA experts will be inspecting passenger cars in terms of both emissions and vehicle safety.

DEKRA’s new inspection station in Shenzhen
DEKRA’s new inspection station in Shenzhen

Periodical Vehicle Inspection (PVI) in China was government-run until 2014 when it was decided to liberalize the market. Since then, many PVI stations have been taken over by private companies. Mostly they operate as small local businesses. “DEKRA has been active in China with various safety services for years”, explains Board Member Clemens Klinke. “Of course, when the government opened the PVI market, we started looking into possibilities to also offer our vehicle inspection services – after all, this is where it all started for DEKRA more than 90 years ago in Germany.” With the opening of the Shenzhen station, DEKRA is one of the first international expert organizations to enter China in terms of PVI.

Around the world, DEKRA performs about 26 million vehicle inspections a year in almost 20 countries and is thus the global Number One in the sector.