Useful tips for eco-driving

Eco-driving is emerging as a beacon of light in the search for sustainable transport solutions worldwide.

Its principles offer a fundamental shift in driving habits, promoting practices that reduce fuel consumption, minimise emissions and optimise vehicle performance.

At the heart of eco-driving are simple but significant behavioural changes.

From maintaining the right tire pressure to adopting smoother acceleration and deceleration techniques, these small adjustments collectively help lower the environmental impact. In addition, the integration of electric and hybrid vehicles plays a critical role. Greece has seen a steady rise in its infrastructure for electric vehicles, with the spread of charging stations in cities and motorways.

Which tips should you adopt to ensure eco-driving?

Check out the 8 most useful tips:

  1. Steady driving speed
  2. Prediction of traffic conditions
  3. Smooth Deceleration
  4. Engine shutdown at a standstill for more than 1 minute
  5. Regular vehicle and tire maintenance
  6. Avoiding unnecessary load and unnecessary aerodynamic obstacles
  7. Smart use of air conditioner
  8. Closing windows at high speeds

This transition to eco-driving is not just a trend, but a requirement, especially in the midst of the urgent environmental problems we’re facing.