DEKRA- IMPERIAL in cooperation with IVT AKMI and KOSMOCAR

This new educational partnership with the Electric Vehicle Engineer program comes as a response to the ever-increasing use of hybrid, electric cars and the rapid development of electromobility worldwide, in the context of which the proper training of future automotive and mechatronics professionals is becoming crucial.

During the training by experienced technicians and experts in electromobility from KOSMOCAR and DEKRA, students of the School of Mechanical Engineering have access to both electrical training vehicles, technical equipment and the latest generation of KOSMOCAR training software, and the company’s state-of-the-art Technical Center in Mandra, Attica. In addition, they are trained through the HiVo app, DEKRA’s innovative digital training platform, a comprehensive, modern and flexible tool that covers all applications of electromobility, while using virtual reality goggles, they enjoy the experience of safe navigation inside the electric vehicle and simulation of the complete structure and operation of the electric motor.

Mr. Konstantinos Rodopoulos, President of the Educational Group Metropolitiko-Akmi reported:   “We are launching a pioneering, unique for Greek standards, partnership with two leading forces in the automotive sector, KOSMOCAR and DEKRA, in a specialization program that comes to empower the students at the School of Mechatronics. We are leading the developments in professional education and training, putting at the core of our efforts and strategy the interconnection and cooperation with the biggest brands and organizations. We look forward to a successful partnership that will evolve further, we are confident that it will win over young people.”

Mr. Giannis Emirzas, CEO of KOSMOCAR S.A., says: “We are very happy to cooperate with IVT AKMI – a leading force in education – and DEKRA. For our part, we will contribute with our vast Volkswagen Group expertise in providing car maintenance services for both conventional and electrical engines, as well as repair and damage restoration. We consider the link between the training and the labour market to be very important, as well as the fact that graduates will be able to gain practical training and possibly be permanently employed in the KOSMOCAR partner network.”

Dr. Savvas Tzanis, CEO of DEKRA IMPERIAL, followed, stating:   “It is a great pleasure to join forces with two leading companies. DEKRA has created the most advanced electromobility program, which is currently training engineers and executives of the largest automotive companies. AKMI students are very fortunate to be trained through such a programme, which leads to certification which they receive from DEKRA itself. In addition to their excellent career prospects as AKMI graduates, they will be able to pursue opportunities outside Greece.”


In Greece, DEKRA is the largest car inspection company, while it has dynamically entered the field of electromobility, offering the corresponding training, inspection and certification of electric vehicle chargers, as well as testing the battery of electric vehicles with an innovative device, patented by DEKRA.