DEKRA authorized to test Zigbee Direct, the new Zigbee feature that simplifies integration with Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Zigbee Direct combines Zigbee and Bluetooth Low-Energy technologies to simplify the user experience in commercial and home applications.

DEKRA has been authorized by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance) to provide testing services for Zigbee Direct, a new feature of Zigbee technology. Zigbee Direct simplifies the user experience in both commercial and home applications, allowing users to seamlessly interact with their Zigbee networks using a smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device. The Alliance has already released the Zigbee Direct Certification Program. Manufacturers interested in certifying their products according to this program can count on DEKRA’s support to test their devices.

“DEKRA is privileged to add Zigbee Direct Certification Program to their scope as a Connectivity Standards Alliance Authorized Test House. Zigbee Direct simplifies onboarding and control of Zigbee devices directly via Bluetooth Low Energy devices, which brings many options to the IoT ecosystem market. With Zigbee, manufacturers don’t need to invest time, money, and resources to develop and produce additional hardware to ensure end users can use their products. At DEKRA, we are ready to support customers in preparing their products according to this new Zigbee feature”, said Noemí Pérez Dans, Wireless IoT Lab Manager at DEKRA.

Zigbee technology connects homes and buildings. From smart lighting, door locks, and thermostats to televisions, window coverings, and more. It enables buildings and homes to be connected in a way that doesn’t require complex systems and allows fluid integration of devices. Created by the Alliance, this low-powered, secure and reliable wireless technology now goes a step further with the addition of Zigbee Direct, a new feature that brings brand-new solutions to the IoT market.

“DEKRA continues to distinguish themselves in the commercial and consumer IoT market by staying on the leading edge of technology innovation and quickly adopting technology like Zigbee Direct in their test solution offerings,” said Jon Harros, Head of Certification and Testing, Connectivity Standards Alliance. “Zigbee Direct and its use of Bluetooth Low Energy is a game changer, adding more use case scenarios incorporating smartphones and speakers.”

With Zigbee Direct, users can connect new products to their networks easily. Zigbee Direct makes the IoT ecosystem more accessible by bringing together two widely-used technologies: Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy. New and existing IoT users will experience the comfort of onboarding and controlling Zigbee products from existing Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and speakers. But Zigbee Direct is not only for home applications, also large networks used in commercial applications can benefit from its advantages.

In addition to Zigbee, DEKRA offers an extensive scope of services for smart homes, Internet-of-Things, and wireless products. From connectivity testing and certification services for technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Matter, Zigbee, Thread, or NFC, to cybersecurity testing and certification services like Amazon Alexa Voice Service Testing Program, GSMA IoT Security Assessment, and ioXt Alliance Certification Program, among others.